Jonathan – Owner

Hometown: Glenview – with roots back to 1914!

My Hobbies: Woodworking, biking, being outdoors, and cooking.

Interesting Fact: I love Chicago (in the summer). My wife and I bicycled across the USA (3100 miles!)

Favorite Effective Air Service: Health, comfort, safety and efficiency are my passion, which is why my favorite product is our Water Filtration System. It removes all impurities from your water making the water you drink and wash in safe. When you have a whole house water filtration system you can be assured that it is not your water wrecking your clothing, drying out your skin or making you sick

Kim – Owner

Hometown: Bryn Athyn, PA — just north of Phili

My Hobbies: Biking- Mountain and Road

Interesting Fact: I love to ride my bicycle with my husband. We used this passion to raise money for childhood cancer research when we rode our bicycles across the USA 2014.

Favorite Effective Air service: We are trained in properly fitting heating and air conditioning systems so our customers are happier customers.

Rodrigo – General Manager

My Hobbies: Golf, motorcycles, swimming, biking, tennis, etc. love all sports.

Interesting Fact: I moved to Chicago when I was 17 years old and absolutely love it, summer is my favorite season but I also enjoy the snow. Got married on July 2nd 2011 to my beautiful wife Ashley

Ashley – Office Manager

My Hobbies: Ceramics, drawing, bullet journaling, gardening, cooking – really anything where I can think creatively.

Interesting Fact: I have been part of Effective Air since I was born. I remember making art for the walls of Effective Air as a child and as soon as I could get my worker’s permit I took part in running the office and even working in the field for a little while.

Favorite Effective Air Product: The ecobee4 Thermostat

Why is that your favorite product: The ecobee4 is such a great thermostat, it not only controls the temperature of our home it also will set timers for us, we can ask it questions or to play music, we can even add items to our grocery list. Our family loves this product so much that before we put our daughter to bed she has to say good night to the thermostat and the thermostat says goodnight back!



My Hobbies: Gardening, sailing, crossword puzzles and my pond

Interesting Fact: I sailed across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic ocean in a small boat.

Favorite Effective Air Product: The low level carbon monoxide monitor

Why is that your favorite product: I have several gas appliances in my home so I like knowing that my family is safe and breathing good air.

Brad – Comfort Consultant

My Hobbies: Music, computers, and meteorology

Interesting Fact: I worked as a professional musician for many years. I played with the Chicago Symphony and the Lyric Opera

Favorite Effective Air Product: High efficiency air conditioning systems

Vikki – Customer Service

My Hobbies: Cooking, going to the gym & being outside when the weather is nice

Interesting Fact: I am currently a student at Triton College. I like to travel & look forward to seeing other parts of the world.

Favorite Effective Air Product: Water Filtration

Why is that your favorite product: Water is important and so is drinking it clean & safe.

Favorite part of working for Effective Air: All of my coworkers. I enjoy getting to know each one of them.

Zafreen – Dispatcher

My Hobbies: Building furniture & sewing.

Interesting Fact:
I love to dance.

Favorite Effective Air Product: Germicidal Air Purifier. It alleviated my symptoms at home.

Favorite part of working at Effective Air: The people.


Gary – Technician

My Hobbies: Gardening, Biking, Restoration of trains (Lionel), cars (Pontiacs) and tractors (IH)

Interesting Fact: I have a wife,Pam and two children, Grace and Christopher. We enjoy taking trips together to places like Florida and Maryland

Favorite Effective Air Product: E-Z Trap with a float switch

Why is that your favorite product: It helps prevent ceiling damage to customers homes. I have seen the results of not having safeties in place, they are not pretty and a lot more costly to repair.

Miguel – Technician

My Hobbies: I like to work on my house, I love to go out dancing on the weekends and I love to cook

Interesting Fact: I love dogs, I have a Pitbull and a Shittsu

Favorite Effective Air Product: Boilers

Why is that your favorite product: Because each boiler has to be installed differently, as opposed to furnaces which are pretty strait forward. I love to configure the copper piping. Problem solving around obstacles and seeing the final product. I consider every installation very carefully so am always proud of the end work. It is really very beautiful

Victor – Technician

My Hobbies: Horseback riding, attending rodeos in the summer and walking my dogs

Interesting Fact: I have one son, Eric, who also works with Effective Air. I also have three daughters, Denise, Deanna and Destiny. I own a horse and two dogs (miniature poodles)

Favorite Effective Air Product: Furnaces

Why is that your favorite product: I enjoy it because each installation is different and requires unique detail.

Hugo – Technician

My Hobbies: Biking and basketball

Interesting Fact:
I love nature and the mountains. One of my favorite ways to spend time is camping with my family. I have a 14 year old and a 4 year old and my wife is a teacher

Favorite Effective Air Product: The Bryant Evolution System

Why is that your favorite product: I think it is the best one we sell, the safest one there is and it is very quiet.

Scott – Technician

My Hobbies: cycling, fishing and making functional pottery

Interesting Fact: My favorite thing to do is road trip to Colorado to hike the mountains

Favorite Effective Air Product: RGF Germicidal Air Purifier

Why is that your favorite product:
When used as a preventative measure or to reduce known household contaminants (mold viruses, bacteria, VOCs…) The product really does what it claims, it is so cool

Adrian – Technician

My Hobbies: Going to the gym, playing basket ball & dancing

Interesting Fact: I love to dance; I enjoy Merengue, Bachata, Salsa & any kind of Latin dance

Favorite Effective Air Product: Indoor air quality products & services

Why is that your favorite product: The air in people’s homes can make them sick. I like that Effective Air cares about the health of their customers.

Josh – Technician

My Hobbies: Music and playing the drums

Interesting Fact: I have two beautiful boys, I love raising them

Favorite Effective Air Product: Unico System

Why is that your favorite product: This product provides AC for homes without existing ductwork. A normal system would require a major remodel

Marco – Technician

Bio coming soon..

Ben – Technician

Bio coming soon..

Michael – Technician

Bio coming soon..

Marcos – Technician

My Hobbies: Playing basketball. I also love being outdoors & spending lots of time with my family.

Interesting Fact: I want to learn how to play an instrument.

Favorite Effective Air Product: Aeroseal Duct Cleaning

Why is that your favorite product: You start off be being how much a system is lacking in effectiveness and completely change the outcome of a system so that it is an effective working system.

Favorite Part of Working for Effective Air: The actual feeling of being accepted and working with people who only want the best for me.

Anthony – Service Technician

My Hobbies: Volunteer as a youth football, baseball & softball coach. Bike rides with my kids and listening to all types of music.

Interesting Fact: I love coaching. I love helping kids find their love for the game as well as improving athletically & learning discipline & respect.

Favorite Effective Air Product: Water Filtration System

Why is that your favorite product: Having fresh filtered water out of the tap reduces the amount of plastic pollution.

Favorite Part of Working for Effective Air: Being part of a company that takes pride in their work and tries to treat every customer like family.