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Hometown: Glenview - with roots back to 1914!

Hometown: Bryn Athyn, PA -- just north of Phili

My Hobbies: Woodworking, biking, being outdoors, and cooking.

My Hobbies: Biking- Mountain and Road

Interesting Fact: I love Chicago (in the summer). My wife and I bicycled across the USA (3100 miles!)

Interesting Fact: Jonathan (my husband & co-owner) and I plan to bicycle across the USA & raise money for childhood cancer research! 

Favorite Effective Air service: Water Quality Testing. It is important to me that water is clean and tastes good!

Favorite Effective Air service: We are trained in properly fitting heating and air conditioning systems so our customers are happier customers.

Office Staff






Billing, Accounts Payable,

Dispatching, Daughter,

Sister, Niece, Wife, Reception, etc…

General Manager

Administrative and Marketing Assistant

My Hobbies: Ceramics, drawing, snow boarding, water skiing, playing pool.

My Hobbies:

Golf, motorcycles, swimming, biking, tennis, etc. love all sports.

My Hobbies:
Rollerblading, sailing, biking, reading, hiking and volunteering


Something you should know about me:
I love Animals, I have a German Shepherd named Harley

Something you should know about me:
I moved to Chicago when I was 17 years old and absolutely love it, summer is my favorite season but I also enjoy the snow. Got married on July 2nd 2011 to my beautiful wife Ashley

Something you should know about me:
I also work as a Child Life Specialist at Lutheran General Children's Hospital. My job is to support children and their families through the difficulties of hospitalization.


Favorite product sold or serviced by Effective Air:
Bryant, touch-screen programmable thermostat.

Favorite product sold or serviced by Effective Air:

Favorite product sold or serviced by Effective Air:
Hybrid heating and cooling comfort system


Why? Not only does it look very nice, with it's blue backlit screen but it has also saved me a lot in energy bills. I programmed it to go on and off according to the time of day to conserve energy, its especially nice because I like it cold at night but warm in the morning so it is warm just in time for my shower. The thermostat tells me when to change my filters, lets me set multiple programs and I can even lock the settings for when friends come over so they don't mess with it.

Why? I love the way it looks, it saves a lot of space and the efficiency is out of this world.

Why? It is nice to know that we are doing our part to help the environment.







Office Assistant

Office Assistant

Office Assistant


My Hobbies: Singing, reading, hackysack, psychologyresearch, and bike riding!

My Hobbies: Gardening, sailing, crossword puzzles and my pond.

My Hobbies: Music, concerts, movies


Something you should know about me: I love my school, Loyola University Chicago! If you get me talking about college I will NOT shut up.

Something you should know about me:
I sailed across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic ocean in a small boat.

Something you should know about me:
I am a right handed person who throws a Frisbee and plays guitar left handed!


Favorite product sold or serviced by Effective Air: Water Quality Testing

Favorite product sold or serviced by Effective Air:
The low level carbon monoxide monitor.

Favorite product sold or serviced by Effective Air: Water filtration systems


Why? I really appreciate Jon's Water Quality Testing. I drink tons of water throughout the day and it is great to know that my uncle's company is keeping it clean!

Why? I have several gas appliances in my home so I like knowing that my family is safe and breathing good air.




Comfort consultant

My Hobbies:
Music, computers, and meteorology

Interesting Fact: I worked as a professional musician for many years. I played with the Chicago Symphony and the Lyric Opera.

Favorite Effective Air service: High efficiency air conditioning systems

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Name Since 1940
A Trusted
Name Since 1940
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